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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 12, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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motives, including drugs. >> we don't believe it was random. there have been some reports of drug use in this area. that's one of the things that detectives are looking at, but by no means is that the only motive they're looking at. >> any idea who this might be? >> i have no idea. that's why i'm here to find out, i want to know if i know the person or not. >> i'm lindsey in northwest washington. the stylist for the salahi's testified before a grand jury today here at u.s. district court. >> inside, we understand they met with the secret service along with u.s. attorneys. they met with the grand jury around 2:00. by 3:00, they were done. >> called to testify as back witnesses. >> we aren't told what they spoke about, but we know it all stems from the night the salahi's entered the white house uninvited. the day of the event, the salahi's spent hours being groomed at irwin gomez's salon. two stylists worked on her hair and makeup. >> this is a very stressful
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time for all. it is very much respected time that we have to show respect for the justice system. >> i'm peggy fox in arlington, where virginia has enacted a new texting ban, but advocates against distracted driving say it's not tough enough. >> we are going back to richmond this year and say come on, you can do better. >> even though virginia has a new ban on texting, it's a secondary offense, meaning an officer can't pull over someone unless he sees him doing something else wrong. even if a driver is caught, the final is only $20. dc has the toughest leal distracted driving laws. maryland bans texting with a fine of up to $500. >> look at that beautiful smile. >> the new group focus driven is pushing for tough distracted driving laws across the country. >> we want to know what you
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think about the distracted driving crackdown. we heard about the dangers of texting while driving or talking with your phone at your ear, but what about making a call with a hands free device? share your thoughts in an e- mail at mcginty's mailbag. right now, we want to update breaking news we have been following an hour and a half of magnitude 7 earthquake in haiti. it was centered 15 miles southwest. we are hearing a hospital collapsed several other buildings were damaged in that quake. at least two powerful aftershocks have been felt. an analyst says there could be substantial casualties. we'll have more tonight on 9news now at 11:00. after announcing he would run for -- he wrapped up his official announcement. before that i canning that job, ivy served as an assistant and
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the chief council. he was also senate to the white water committee. he plans to return. the judge told families they can proceed with their lawsuit against virginia tech and the president. the families represent two people killed in the virginia tech shootings. the families have filed a $10 million lawsuit. the judge ruled the families produced enough allegations of gross negligence by the university to justify this lawsuit. >> a confessed killer will get to argue the shooting and killing was manslaughter and not murder. scott says he killed dr. george to protect unborn children. dr. tiller was one of few doctors in the entire country performing late term abortions when he was shot inside his church. >> as a defendant, he's entitled to present his defense. this is not going to be a debate on the issue of abortion. >> right now, roder faces
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first degree murder charges. the judge says he will not consider the lesser charge of manslaughter until he hears all the evidence. a fear of explosion shut down -- carrying petn, that's the material used it try and blow up the northwest flight over detroit on christmas day. it is used in blasting caps. nobody was injured in today's incident. several people were evacuated as a precaution. been to the supermarket lately? how do you think the fruits and veggies look? the deep freeze in florida is already frosted the produce coming this way. farmers pick tomatoes early to save them from the cold and they may never ripen up. an estimated 70% of the strawberries -- they were also hammered. >> i was paying, say $10.50 for cucumbers a week ago, now
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i'm paying $28. so that's how much it's gone up. >> we have some good news, temperatures edging back up. they are forecasting 73 degrees on thursday. maybe too late for a lot of farmers. thankfully, a break seems to be headed this way. topper is out on the weather terrace. >> put that whole cold snap in perspective, over a thousand record lows were set in the last five days. that was a pretty good shot of arctic air. we had some arctic air tonight. look for clear to partly cloudy skies. 18 to 28 and winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. temperatures right now are plenty chilly. 32 downtown, but a lot of folks in the upper 20s. winchester, cumberland, even manassas. let's factor in breezes and this is what you really feel when you go outside. it feels like it's in the low 20s downtown. and also in winchester. we'll come back and talk about a gradual january thaw, also
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look ahead to a potential weekend storm coming up. >> dc residents can get a chance to vote on same sex marriage. jason says he will introduce a bill authorizing the vote. dc council passed a law, it has not yet taken effect. he thinks dc residents will vote against the marriages if given the opportunity. barred similar referendum measures. the congressman's bill would supersede the board's ruling. >> still ahead, strong words from the wizards coach about the players on his team. >> until that changes, those guys as players don't have a chance. >> plus, on the edge, this heater on the chesapeake bay. >> but first, if you are like you responds to help a woman in need. we are back in a minute.
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now that she's seen the light, will sandy choose cheer? surprisingly bright, at a new lower price. back on 9news now with a glimpse of the job fair that brought hundreds of people to annapolis today. new stores in annapolis and middle river in march. holding job fares, some 300 positions. >> this week's job fair seems to be the exception. new data from the labor department shows there were 6.4 unemployed workers for every available job in the u.s. at the end of november. it was up from the record high set a month before. that means more americans are
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chasing much fewer jobs. now to updates, a dc story we told you about, a woman wrongfully evicted from her home. a friend heard about her story, that friend decided to help. >> that donated furniture -- >> no. >> it's a far cry from the scenes we captured, when everything she owned was being put out on the street, after the dc government wrongfully cut off her subsidy checks. the cameras were rolling as neighbors helped themselves to everything she owned. >> somebody got evicted here. >> okay. >> downtown law firm won her case against the city. >> after staying with two friends and family -- >> wasn't until late december, 2009, that she found a new landlord willing to accept her rent subsidy. when she moved in, the roof over her head was all that she
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had. >> it's empty, but it will come in time. >> a week later, jenny was arriving at lanora johnson's door, the answer to her prayers. >> nice to meet you. >> the upper northwest resident arrived with a truckload of goods from her own home. >> what did you think that somebody you didn't know wanted to help you? >> wow. i just -- god is real and he is working. she is a blessing. >> there was a couch, bedding, and clothing. >> slippers, and some lady stuff, you know. >> thank you. >> when you told me lanora's story and i heard it was her birthday and all this was happening, i just -- it was meant to be. and just wanting to help somebody when so many of us have so much and we don't know how to find each other. >> lanora was a waiter, a
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painter, and a handy woman. she begins classes soon to earn her diploma. thanks. a woman who helped anne frank and her family hide from the nazis. she gathered up the pages, she locked them in her desk until her father returned. he suffered a head injury in a fall last month. she was 100 years old.
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you may want to pack lighter for the next trip. starting this week, delta and continental will each charge $25 to check one bag. $35 to check a second piece of
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luggage. first class frequent and active duty military won't have to pay those. u.s. airways raised its fees to $25 and $35. other airlines may soon follow suit. one day after mark mcguire came clean about his steroid use. we are learning the slugger wanted to tell all years ago. sara walsh spoke with tom davis who says he knew the truth all along. >> i'm not here to talk about the past. >> it was those words uttered repeatedly in the 2005 congressional hearing that convinced the public that mark mcguire used steroids. before confirming it to the world on monday -- >> i apologize to everyone in major league baseball. today was the hardest day in my life. >> he confessed to former virginia congressman, tom davis. >> i think mark mcguire should tell his story and get this off his chest. there's a five year statute of limitations on his criminal use and he played in miami and san
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francisco where there are active steroid investigations going on. >> davis was the chairman of the house government reform committee. and knowing the truth while listening to mcguire's answers. >> i'm not here to talk about the past. >> was frustrating. >> i was in congress for 14 years, there were a lot of hearings, so unfortunately, that's the way it operates. you have to keep those discussions confidential. >> former virginia congressman said he did ask for mcguire to be granted immunity. as a request, that was denied by then attorney general, alberto gonzalez. had that immunity been granted, things would have played out much differently. >> it would have been a far different hearing, if you imagine. yes, i used it, this was widespread. it would have been -- although we were able to accomplish our goals in changing the policy. >> mcguire could not be honest during the 2005 hearing. whether the public now believes his apology for using steroids
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is sincere remains to be seen. sara walsh, 9news now and >> tom davis says he held those hearings five years ago to bring steroid usage to light. he believes those goals have been reached. two more washington wizards players missed practice today to talk to with authorities about the investigation. mcgee and mike miller were hauled away today. flip saunters was more interested in talking about the suspension. >> i hope he comes back energized and a focus. i hope he understands what it takes to win. the main thing, my main focus has been the number of players that ask about, i got to get shots. until that changes, you know, those guys as players don't have a chance. anybody thinks that a coach has to run plays to get you shots, that is a sign of a team that isn't going to be a very good team. >> he was suspended from
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tonight's game against the detroit pistons for what is being called conduct not related to the gun charge. an update on the controversial peta ads featuring first lady, michelle obama. the animal rights group is pulling those ads. they were using her image as the antifur campaign. the white house says that likeness was used without permission. the group decision comes days after the weatherproof company says they will remove this billboard. the company didn't ask for permission to use the image of the president in the ad. the billboard will stay up until a new ad is created. the grand hog's annual weather prediction will be sent out by text this year. every february 2, thousands gather in western pennsylvania to see if the little guy sees his shadow. if it does, we will have six more weeks of winter.
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he is still going to go out, right? >> yeah. he usually does see his shadow. 92% of the time. >> you saying this is all fake? >> yeah, i am. >> no scientific? >> no. they torched the poor thing. remember that book, you might be a red neck, if, this is how old it has been in austin, texas. are you ready for a little billiards? here's the aboveground pool and they are going to play pool billiards on top of it. which actually would be billiards, because there's no pockets. so there you go. that's how cold it has been in austin. again, over a thousand record lows across the deep south in the last four days. kind of cool though, huh? >> absolutely. >> next three days, we are going in the right direction. 40 tomorrow, sunshine, and it will not be breezy. and going to put mild on the map friday, why not? temperatures around 50, under partly cloudy skies. tonight, plenty cold. partly cloudy, breezy, 18 to
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26. and winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. that will generate a windchill in the single digits late tonight and very early in the morning. right now, 29 in gaithersburg, 29 in vienna. and fredericksburg, everybody is below freezing. you get out to the northwest, you find upper 20s, hillsborrow. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, teens and 20s. winds not a factor. northwesterly at 10. highs near 40. but good news here, winds are southwest, which is a milder wind and only a 10, which is not a big deal t. will feel comfortable in the sun. satellite picture, radar combined. we are in good shape. clouds did hang around a bit longer than we thought. now we are clearing out nicely and for a change, the mountains are under no advisories for snow. i'm sure they have been under an advisory up until today all yearlong. in the meantime, clearing out now, winds out of the
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northwest, it will be plenty cold tonight. here are the zone forecast, and again, all six zones are on our website. 41 with front royal. you might hold in the upper 30s. 40 manassas. with lots of sunshine and no winds, it will feel quite comfortable. a 42 in dale city. now, we'll move eastward and temperatures about 40 downtown, 40 in gaithersburg, by the water, we are talking 40 to 43 down toward plum point and no winds tomorrow, so no advisories for the bay or title potomac. next seven days, 40 on wednesday with sunshine. mid 40s on sunshine. gained about 5 degrees every day. at least for the next three and 50 on friday. i think we're going to hit 51 on saturday and we have rain in here late sunday into monday. i think it's going be rain. we will watch it carefully. it will be an area of low pressure, we are lacking in the cold air department, so to speak. mid 40s sunday and for martin luther king day and back to 50 on tuesday. >> one the weekend.
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>> not bad. >> okay, thanks. >> new urgency tonight to sure up erosion threatening up homes. recent mud slide at one house sent a deck plummets into the chesapeake bay. a neighborhood road was closed two weeks ago for fear it might collapse. residents are angry because the presence of the endangered tiger beetle blocked proposals to sure up the cliff, for more than 15 years. >> they are putting this beetle over my safety and all my neighbor's safety and that's not right. >> we'll fix it if they'd let us. this has been a 15 year battle. it doesn't make any sense. >> they may not be able to ensure. they may not be able to sell. they may not be able to relocate. they are facing bankruptcy and disaster. >> wow. get this. it would cost nearly $3 million to stop the erosion by one estimate. county officials say the affected homes are in a private
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still cold today. we'll talk about how mild it's going to get and if we'll stay dry all week. we'll see jo tonight on 9news now at 11:00. here's one that would be perfect for derek's weird news file. this looks more like a remote control than a cell phone, but it will complete your calls. it runs on soda, sugars in the soft drink combine with enzymes. no word when it will be widely available for folks to use. >> would you drink something that could power your cell phone? >> absolutely. are you serious?
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really. >> i forgot who i was talking to. that's our report. anita brikman will be here tonight at 11:00. surrounding the new 3d block buster hit, and you can log on any time at we'll see you later. ode to the subway premium big hot pastrami sandwich.
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"entertainment tonight" in high definition. did abc tell the truth? did they portray you fairly? >> only we watched "the bachelor" with the blonde in the center of the scandal. the drama they didn't show you last night. plus the explosive war of words today. rozlyn versus host chris harrison. conan's shocking announcement. >> once again, i did not get the tonight show. simon on the record. >> you got to hear it from me. will this be the end of question idol." ? sarah palin at home with daughter bristol and their son. the candid family photos only we can show you. plus -- >> it took two films for me to win.


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